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Great America Physics Day

2020 Physics Day: TBD (Mid-May)

During the month of May, Great America Theme Park in Gurnee, IL hosts its Physics Days. The park is open allowing area physics students to see how physics applies to amusement park rides.

Oregon students create teams of 3 and perform experiments on the rides, using electronic data that measure force and acceleration. Students use the models we've developed over the course of the school year to understand these extreme rides. Specific rides of study include: Giant Drop, Demon, Batman, Rue Le Dodge (bumper cars), American Eagle, Viper, Raging Bull, V-2 Vertical Velocity, Superman, X-Flight, and Goliath.

Although students are not required to attend this event, they are strongly encouraged to do so. It provides a wonderful opportunity to apply classroom physics to the real world.

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