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Simulations & Games

All of the simulations, games and practice problems run either using HTML5, Java, or Flash. Not all platforms are compatible with all of these options. See the table below to check compatibility with your device.

  WindowsiOS  Android Chromebook
 Flash Y N N Y
 Java Y N N N

HTML5 has no requirements other than requiring an internet browser. Both Java and Flash Player need to be installed on your device and can be found by clicking on the appropriate button below. For better or for worse, both Java and Flash have been deemed security risks and are becoming increasingly more difficult to use on any given platform. Read How to Fix Java Applet Security Errors to troubleshoot using Java on your computer.



Constant Velocity / Constant Acceleration

 Energy Skate Park (PhET) (Energy Pie Charts) HTML5
 Distance and Displacement Challenge HTML5
 Motion Terminology Self Test HTML5
 Approximate Speed in Traffic Challenge  HTML5
 Distance, Time, and Speed Challenge HTML5
 Aaron Titus' 1-D Motion Physlet: Motion Diagrams Java
 Aaron Titus' 1-D Motion Physlet: Position vs. Clock Reading Graphs Java
 Calculate Velocity from xt Graph (Practice) HTML5
 Aaron Titus' 1-D Motion Physlet: Velocity vs. Clock Reading Graphs Java
 Calculate Distance from vt Graph (Practice w/Constant Velocity)  HTML5
 Calculate Distance from vt Graph (Basic Practice w/Constant Acceleration) HTML5
 Calculate Distance from vt Graph (Advance Practice w/Constant Acceleration) HTML5
 Calculate Instantaneous Velocity from xt Graph HTML5
 Aaron Titus' 1-D Motion Physlet: Acceleration vs. Clock Reading Graphs Java
 The Moving Man (PhET) (Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Graphs) Java
 Maze Game (PhET) (Position, Velocity, and Acceleration Concepts) Java
 Walter Fendt's Motion with Constant Acceleration HTML5
 Graphs & Tracks HTML5
 Aaron Titus' 1-D Motion Physlet: Free Fall Java
 Aaron Titus' 1-D Motion Physlet: Free Fall with Air Resistance Java
 Super Ultimate Graphing Challenge Flash

Equilibrium / Constant Net Force


Central Force