Physics is the study of matter and energy to explain the physical universe. Physics at Oregon High School is an activity-based course which relies heavily on laboratory experience, computer technology (for data collection, analysis, and modeling), group learning, and students' existing math skills. Students will create (discover?) physical laws using the same modeling process utilized by scientists. Topics of study include mechanics, energy, and conservation laws. Over the next few years we will also be incorporating engineering projects to meet the goals of the Next Generation Science Standards.

This site is a tool to provide:
  1. teacher contact and background information for parents and students,
  2. details about how the physics courses at Oregon High School are designed,
  3. access to classroom information, including the course calendar,
  4. access to Moodle, which provides students access to assignments, readings, handouts, notes, and other simulation or game-based activities.
Click here to view the calendar of course activities and assignments. Individual progress on all assessments, both formative and summative, can be found in Infinite Campus.

Contact Information:

Mr. Jon Fishwild
Work Phone: (608) 835-4457

Ms. Lindsay Wells
Phone: (413) 358-2846